VOL. 40  ISSUE 1         2013.7.5

Hong Kong 1st July Demonstration: Dual Universal Suffrage and Getting CY Leung to Step Down

Qing Miao

  June-Fourth Vigil Was Held, Despite Barriers

Zheng Yan

  Support “Occupy Central Campaign”, Fight for True Universal Suffrage Wei Bo
  An Unjust Phenomenon of Getting Direct Subsidy Scheme Zhong Ming
  “Filibuster” as Fight for People’s Benefits, “Anti-Filibuster” as an Abuse of Power Zheng Yan
  Salute to the Resilient Container Port Workers Juan Di
  Container Port Strike Put Li Ka Shing’s Empire under the Spotlight (reprint) Resistance Socialist Action
China Xi Jinping’s Chinese Dream Zhang Kai
  Environmental Pollution led to Mass Protests Zhang Kai
  Both Labor Systems of Re-education and Reform Should be Cancelled Jun Xing
  Proposed Human Rights Act at Goldman Sachs Shareholders Congress Zhao Jing
  Push for the Archmedes of Human Rights Policy of HP Zhao Jing
  To Please US Imperialism, Shameless! Qiu Yue
International Statement of Asia Social Movements on Climate Change

The Asia Social Movements Assembly

  The 51st International Antiwar Assembly in Japan (reprint) The 51st International Antiwar Assembly
  Question of Governance of US Public Enterprises Zhao Jing
  “G2” and Facebook Shareholders’ Congress Zhao Jing
  WSF Tunisia: From the World Social Forum to the Arab Revolts

Esther Vivas

  A Second Page Opens in the Revolutionary Process

Chokri Belaïd

  One Year On Interview with Gilbert Achcar
  All the Region is Boiling

Gilbert Achcar

  The People Want” Gilbert Achcar , Jacques Babel
   Indonesian Class Struggle; the Bosses Retaliate Zely Ariane
Memory Anti-Japanese War and the Patriotic Movement--Move to Sichuan Province Xiong Andong
Theory Again on the Question of Bonapartism: Bourgeois Bonapartism and Soviet Bonapartism Leon Trotsky
Article in English Xi Jinping’s Chinese Dream Zhang Kai
  Environmental Pollution Led to Mass Protests Zhang Kai