OCTOBER REVIEW       VOL. 44  ISSUE 2/3                2017.12.31



Hong Kong The Pro-Establishment Camp Revised the Rules of Procedures of the Legislative Council to Avoid Democratic Discussion Zhen Yan
  The National Anthem Law and the National Flag Law in Hong Kong Lau Shan Ching
  Doctor’s Professional Autonomy and Professional Hegemony Lau Shan Ching
  To Defy the Authoritative Regime and Carry On Fighting – Letter to My Fellows of the League of Social Democrats (reprint) Raphael Wong
  The 3rd Anniversary of Umbrella Movement: To Support Political Prisoners and Request Rimsky Yuen to Step Down (reprint) Joshua Wong
China Examining Xi Jinping's Report Submitted to the 19th National Congress of the CPC Zhang Kai
  The Opening of Xi Jinping’s New Era (reprint) Weipu
  Bitcoin in China Lau Shan Ching
  Letter to the Central Committee of the CPC, the People’s Congress, the State Council and the CPPCC National Committee on the Recent Expulsion of Migrants by the Beijing Municipal Authority (reprint) Independent Review
  Immediate Release of Xinjiang Human Rights Defender, Zhang Haitao (reprint) Xilin
  The Death of a Giant – Liu Xiaobo Chan Chong Hei
  The Question of Murder Murong Xuecun
International Special Topic on the 100th Anniversary of Russian Revolution
 Leon Trotsky Was My Grandfather: AN INTERVIEW WITH ESTEBAN VOLKOV
Wladek Flakin
  On the Russian Revolution of October 1917 Alain Badiou
  The Legacy of the October Revolution David Mandel
  Iraq Kurdish Independence Faces Threats from Outside and Contradictions from Within Joseph Daher
  The Rohingya, the Burmese Regime and the Geopolitical Stakes Pierre Rousset
  The Left Currents in the Philippines and the Duterte Presidency Pierre Rousset
  Land at the Centre of President Zuma’s Radical Economic Transformation Mercia Andrews
  Four theses on the Catalan crisis Miguel Manzane
  The Long Struggle of Mexican Teachers Dan La Botz
  Testing Trumponomics Michael Roberts
History “Ecosocialism is more than a strategy, it’s a project for Civilization” Alexandre Araujo Costa, Daniel Tanuro
  What is Trotskyism? 劉家良
Article in English Examining Xi Jinping’s Report Delivered at the 19th National Congress of the CPC Zhang Kai