VOL. 42  ISSUE 1       2015.6.30


Hong Kong Reject the false universal suffrage and political reform! Zhang Yan
  People’s opinions are not recognized Da Jing

In praise of Hong Kong people saying NO to Chinese autocratic regime (reprint)

Wang Ning

The denial of political reform made Beijing government crying and getting angry (reprint)

Wang Ning
  Reject the temporary acceptance of the false universal suffrage! (reprint) Xie Guandong
  The emerging of numerous professional groups after the Umbrella Movement October Review
  Long-hair filibustered to disclose the injustice at the Legislature meeting (reprint) Liang Guoxiong
  Letter to Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun-wah from Prison (reprint) Chan Tak Cheung
China Release immediately Gao Yu, Pu Zhiqiang and all dissidents! Zhang Kai
  The issue of National Security Law amid difficulties Jun Xing
  Comments on the vision and action of “One Belt One Road” Lau Shan Ching
  Examining the progress of Human Rights in the reality of China Zhang Kai
International Four years after Fukushima, India is flogging a nuclear dead horse Praful Bidwai
  Declaration of Fourth International on Palestine Fourth International
  Fundamental rifts: power, wealth and inequality in the Arab world Adam Hanieh
  Is Africa rising? A critical perspective (1) Firoze Manji
  Is Africa rising? A critical perspective (2) Jean Nanga
  Dualities of Latin America Claudio Katz
  From the short "Soviet century" to Putin’s Russia Catherine Samary
  World War I and Its Century Allen Ruff
Special Translation An Open Letter to Soviet Working Class Leon Trotsky
Memorial In memorial of comrade Ruan Jinzhao Jiang Junyang
  A poem of madness during the Qingming Festival Chan Chung Hei
  The 10th anniversary of death of Mr Zhou Rensheng (reprint) Yang Lin
  An interview with the son of Wang Fanxi (reprint) Pan Weilian
Article in English Release Immediately Gao Yu, Pu Zhiqiang and All Dissidents ! Zhang Kai
  Examining the Progress of Human Rights in the Reality of China Zhang Kai