VOL. 41  ISSUE 1         2014.7.7

Hong Kong The 25th anniversary of June-fourth and its vindication Juan Di
  The great impacts of the largest scale of July 1 Demonstration in 2014 Zheng Yan
  General public of Hong Kong opposes Hong Kong White Paper of the State Council Jun Xing
  Blossoming everywhere Da Jin
  Respond to “Methods for Selecting the Chief Executive in 2017 and for Forming the Legislative Council in 2016”(reprint) League of Social Democrats
  Legalization based on human nature: questions about man maternity leave (reprint) Lau Shan Ching
Taiwan Good result of Sunflower Student Movement in Taiwan Zhang Yan
  Comments on the courtesy and legality of student movement (reprint) Liao Yuhui
  An achievement of the construction of No. 4 nuclear plant in Taiwan being stopped Juan Di
Macau The victory of Macau’s people against the lavish retirement package bill Wei Bo
China Immediate unconditional release of dissidents Zhang Kai
  Incessant outcries of water problems Po Mi
  Comments on Yue Yuan Strike Qing Yan
  Grassroots Societies of Japan and China should join together to fight against militarism Qiu Yue
International Bosnia-Tuzla: building solidarities Miroljub Radomirovi
  Tunis- "Bitter victories, but real ones": conversation with Ahlem Behladj Peter Drucker
  Permanent revolutions and counter-revolutions at the beginning of the 21st century – our tasks Fourth International
  Fatal blow on US economy and democracy by Oligarchical class (commentary) Zhao Jing
  A successful example of transforming the governance of Applied Materials Company (commentary) Zhao Jing
  2011-2014: Egypt’s Revolution at Three Noha Radwan
  Banks speculate on raw materials and food Éric Toussaint
Theory Three concepts of Russian revolution (special edition) Leon Trotsky
Article in English Immediate unconditional release of dissidents Zhang Kai