Why to Set Up a National Security Commission Now?  


The Third Plenary Session of the 18th Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee decides to set up a national security commission, in order to improve national security system and national security strategy. Since 1949, China has set up the Ministry of Public Security (MPS), which is under the State Council. Why to set up a new security commission now? This means the MPS is no longer capable of dealing the national security. Xi Jinping needs a new institute directly under his control in order to reinforce his power.

CPC implements capitalist economy which brings both economic growth and social polarization. According to a survey conducted by a research centre of Peking University. The difference between the rich and the poor is 234 times. Officials are corrupted. Social unrest is everywhere. Environmental degradation endangers public health. Inflation is serious and living costs increase sharply. People suffer from the difficulties of livelihood, housing, health care, employment, and education.

The government has financial surplus of RMB 16 trillions. It spends RMB 700 billion on keeping social security, meanwhile, the budget for health care and education is merely RMB 50 billion. This arouses people*s grievances and resistances, such as bombings. From June to November 2013, there were four cases of bombings by Eastern Turks who fought for independence. They intrigued a bomb near Tiananmen Square before the Third Plenary Session started. This shows political uncertainty.

        We object terrorist behaviors which endanger innocent people. We should adopt the strategy of mass mobilization to change social injustice. China should learn from USSR that during Lenin*s ruling period, different ethnic groups have their own independence. There was ethnic harmony.

        Now China economy is ranked after the US which makes surrounding countries uncomfortable. Japanese accusation of ※China*s Threat§, particularly refers to the disputes at the South Sea. This needs a national security commission to handle the complicated circumstances. China concentrates on making friendship with capitalist countries, but does not support the working class and working parties in other countries to overthrow their capitalist regimes. If so, they could help China in return. Only the path to the proletariat revolution can help China avoid from isolation. The Commission does not want to choose this path. Thus, it will be exactly the roots of social instability.                                                            2013-12-6